Illinois de jure Assembly

We are a group of like-minded people, coming together peacefully to establish a new way of self-governance under Natural Law.

Our Vision

  • We, the flesh, blood and spirit human beings of our land named Illinois have decided to step into the greatness that is our responsibility to uphold as individuals and as a community.
  • We have decided that self governance is our only path forward to creating the world we envision within ourselves.
  • We acknowledge that any agenda that dis-empowers humanity is not the truth.
  • Natural law is a journey that we have embarked upon hand in hand, heart to heart and mind to mind.
  • Our natural desire is to thrive in all aspects of existence, in all aspects of abundance, security, productivity, and peace for all humanity.
  • We have consciously chosen to assemble and bring to life our innate life force to accomplish every project that will thrust into physical reality all individual and combined passions.
  • Our mission is a living force as our members are living beings with the intent of exercising our roles as creators because that is the only truth.
  • It is our time to do the work of replacing the remnants of dis-empowerment in the greatest era to be alive through the restoration of our land, our planet, our needs.
  • Do no harm, assume no compromise, live sovereign.